Yeah,i wish i could start a band Unhappy i think i could,i know a guitar player AND a keyboard/piano player and i am taking drums PLUS i think that i can song really well, because if i couldn't i would be a member of the Chattanooga girls choir (a really good choir that tours over seas) i have sung at my church...If i did i would want to at least help wright songs Smile i am still practicing wrighting and i think a have one that is good (its called wires) though,most songs are love songs and i am not allowed to date yet.AND yet another set back is if i started a band i want it to be rock (of rock/pop) Think paramores style (a awesome band,and partly my insperation Smile)  and they will want to do stuff live, JJ heller (song song that are christian) i AM a christan and i would wright a couple christian songs but y'know i want to do stuff like paramore (Tongue my obbsetion) UGGG

Any advice? Plus,it won't really be my band,it would be the guitar players (she came up with the idea) and she waa

wants to sing,i guess i could sing a little,but i don't think she knows i can song :/) . :O Yeah so yes....ever played psychiatrist? BEST.GAME.EVER!!!!!! 


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