Chapter 3


Ron set Jordan down, and looked all around. Nothing was seen except flat desert wasteland. And in the distance was the disaster left behind from the tornado. Peices of wood and glass were seen even far away from were the tornado hit.

Noah took out his broken MP3 player that he had been carrying with him. He noticed the sticker that had been there since he got it.

To Noah, from Mom.

Noah looked at the note sadly and finally realized inside that it was his fault. He was childish in a bad situation. But he didn't want to admit to anybody. He kept that grumpy look on his face even though inside he felt guilt.

Jordan didnt carry anything with him. He figured he could remember his mother without having to look at anything. He didnt carry anything to remember. He knew it would only make him depressed.

Ron kept looking around trying to find any sign of life. Suddenly he heard a rustling coming from behind him. It wasn't Jordan, nor was it Noah. It was something else.

Ron turned around to see a shadow-like figure leaning over behind Jordan. An evil chuckle was heard.


Just before the shadow-like figure peirced its ghostly fangs into Jordan, Jordan felt his teeth becoming bigger and stronger. He turned around at the figure and almost seemed to have roared at it.

The shadow ghost hesitated, then disapeared when the sun came directly overhead.

Everyone was in shock. Noah's eyes were now huge staring at Jordan. Suddenly Jordan dropped to the ground and now his teeth hurt.

"Do you need a dentist Jordan? Your teeth  AND your throat sound bad" Said Ron hesitantly.

Jordan ignored him and focused on what could be happening. Was he sick?  Did he have a disease? Sore throat? No, none of these seemed to describe what Jordan was feeling. He couldn't quite place it.

"Alright Jordan. When we get there you are seeing a Doctor"

"Its just stress"  Jordan said quickly. "It was just a scream, know that ghost thing was pretty terrifying..."

Ron decided it was a scream. But what he heard was a roar. He was just as confused as Jordan.

Jordan not only couldn't describe what was happening to him, but he also couldn't describe were the shadow ghost came from. And why at a time in the middle of the day?  Jordan sat a long time thinking.

" Are we gonna head out so that stupid kid can get a shot?" said Noah , breaking the silence.

Jordan grunted and charged after Noah trying to punch his face and Noah was trying to do the same but Jordan had his arms behind his back.

Jordan jumped on Noahs back and tried punching his head.  All Noah did was put on his hat backwards, and just sit there taking every punch without problem.

Ron faught with them trying to break them up. At once Noah acted helpless to Jordan punches as if they were hurting him. Ron grabbed Jordan off of Noah and set him down.

"Ow he hurt me dad"  Said Noah, trying his best to hide his sarcasim.

"Jordan! How could you do that?"

"He irritated me!"

"Not an excuse!"

Jordan crossed his arms and sat down with a grumpy look on his face. Noah walked over and whispered in his ear, "That didn't hurt" then laughed and walked away.

"We need to get going if ANY of us want to get better. We all need food and water which is currently unavailable to us!"

With that Ron got up with Noah and sat staring at Jordan arms crossed.

Jordan moaned and then got up and followed them.

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