we all know school is starting soon. for some of us its already started. (i havent started yet, just letting you know) but if you havn't, enjoy yer time while you can, becouse summer is almost over ):

I know some of you are nervouse. I know I'm nervouse as HELL. but i still wanna give you advice thats helped me out alot. here are ten resons to like school.

1.  school is boring somtimes, but if some one makes a wrong remark, you can shove what you've learned in their face.

2.  you get to see your friends again

3.  you might get a good techer. you know, the realy nice one?

4.  If you get a bad techer, at least you get to laugh your as* off by making fun of them behind there back with your friends,right?

5.  maby you'll meet a new friend. there are always new-kids comming.

6.  maby you'll get a new crush. maby he'll even like you back!

7.  maby you'll have the guts to ask out the boy/girl you liked last year. if ur in an older grade, boys/girls become more into the ''Who-Likes-Who'' thing.

8.  you'll have new things to say to that *****  on the bus.....

9.  you get new supplies, new clothes.....

10. you get another chance to be yourself!!!!!!

If the advice i gave you doesn't work out, i'm sorry. I was just trying to help out.  but if it does, your welcome for the advice. I'm happy to help!!!!

HATERZ: I dont have the time, or the pationts to deal with your bad comments,reveiws,or points. If you REALLY absolutely HATE my work, and you never EVER want to see my page again, and it hurts your HEAD to even THINK about my work...........


sincerly,the fastest hegehog alive, 


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