Random meme...^3^

User(s): Dragon_kitty787, kittyavenger, Silverpool101

Real name: Krimson

Fav. animal(s): Cats

Fav. color(s): Red

Fursona name: Red

Fursona color(s): Red, black, white, brown, neon green.

Other OCs(or fursonas): Sparkles, Silverpool, Icewing, Darkblaze, ect.

Accounts: Drawingnow, Artspots, Skype, Doink

Quote/catch phrase: I'd rather be drawing. (Yep, I changed it.)

Fav. Books: Warriors, Harry Potter, Inheritance series, Tiger Trilogy, Familliars.

Fav. Artist(s): Silent-Ravyn, Kacey Mayagami, Tanidareal, all my BFF's on DN!

Fav. singer(s): Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Pink.

Fav. Band(s): Evansence, Owl City, Black-eyed peas...Umm any that I can't think of...

Fav. Song(s): E.T by Katy Perry, Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga

Do you think this meme is cool?


I tag.......


Topics: random, meme, about, myself, DK787, LOL
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