If You Guys can read the you should know what this blog is about If you cant then how did you get this far to read this??Anyways, This is mostly about storys i am, have, or want to write. Lets start with what i have.


Naruto vs Rock (Was the stupidest story i ever wrote)

Yuni R. Rose (Stupid too but they were all wrote in 3rd grade) 

A Vampires Nightmare (It was good)

Eli and Jade Fox wish (One story that i used me as the main chara)

Naruto Story (Never gave a real title But this is one that i was one of the main charas)



Right now only one is being wrote

Naruto Fools Never Grow Up (BEST FRIKEN STORY I EVER WROTE!!! :D im sooo happy!)



Only on that i want to start but i need to finish the first one.

No name in mind yet

Ok! Well tell me if you want to read any storys that i have i hope to get a story up here soon :D

By:Eliana aka El

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