Scourge glared at Miki-San.  The princess?  Why is she clenching her fists?  Are we fighting?!  "You're on!"  Scourge curled up into a ball and rolled at her at a high speed, but Miki-San dodged.  She started spinning. Leaves  spun around her.  Then she released the tornado of leaves.  Scourge braced himself, trying to endure it.  "Ughhhhh!!"  Scourge was sent flying and landed with a loud grunt.  "Impressive, but can you handle THIS?"  Scourge ran toward her, jumping high.  He did the same thing.  But Miki-San was ready.  She counterattacked by slaming into his belly, Scourge screaming in pain.  He glared at Confettispot.  "She'll be an easier opponent."  Confettispot finished her lollipop and looked at him. "Ccino?" Confettispot was ready.  She tackled him to the ground.  "Wow."   He kicked the Minccino off, but she landed on all four paws with good balance.  Then, Amy came.  Scourge?  What's going on here?  Then,  Confettispot winked at Scourge.  Hearts were flying at him.  They surrounded him and closed in.  Then Scourge was immobilized by love.  "Oh!!!  So that's how I can get Sonic to love me.  How does that creature do that?"  Blaze looked at the battle.  "Good strategy!  Scourge won't move around that much, so Confettispot will attack faster!"  Confettispot shot a shower of Confetti like energy at Scourge, doing some damage.  Then she curled up her ears and let out a powerful shoot.  She started tickling him.  Then attacked with Minccino and Cinccino's signature move, Tail Slap.  Scourge fainted.  "Confettispot won!"  "How amazing!  I wish I could do that move with the hearts so Sonic will love me!" "She won by using Attract!  Good strategy!"  Confettispot blushed.

That's the second chapter, part one!

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