Let part two, begin. btw, i dont write these stories based on the most recent chapters/episode of the anime/manga.


"Germany! Germany! the world is turning upside down!" Italy wailed.

"Huh?" Germany squinted his eyes.

"America is depressed, Japan can't get out of the hospital yet, and England is getting beaten up by his own people!" Italy cried.

"Well, that's just how the world is. We just have to try and get better." Germany looked down, "That's how the world is."

"Wow...Germany...sometimes you say great things..." Italy said in awe.

"Shut up." Germany blushed.



"Ramen. Ramen. RAWMEN!!!!" Naruto danced around. 

"Shut up please." Sakura pressed her temple. She had a headache from being around injured/ sick people.

Yamato stared off into the distance. 

"Is something wrong?" Sai asked.

Yamato shrugged, "Doesnt the air seem wrong?"

"The air?" Sai asked, trying to ignore Naruto and Sakura's fighting.

"Yeah... the air..." Yamato mumbled.

Sai shook his head, sometimes, everyone was crazy.



Renji noticed a black dot in the sky. Its seemed to get bigger every second, yet shrink at the same time.

"Wha?" He muttered to himself. He rubbed his eyes. The black dot was still there.  Renji decided to not pay any attention to it. 


Real world: (this part is about my friends in real life.)

characters: Audrey= me

Annabel= chibizetsuakatsuki

others to be announced.

"Set, hike" the quarter back hollered. The play began. Audrey blocked a linebacker, and stood her ground. 

The reciever ran ahead, the corner back tripped over a rock. 

The quarter back threw the ball, and the receiver caught it.

"Wheeeet!" The P.E. teacher blew the whistle.

"Finally." Audrey muttered, foot ball was her least favorite sport.

Audrey truded over to the locker rooms, changed, and waited for Annabel by the band room.

As she waited, she looked up at the sky. The sun blared in to her eyes.

Ugh, its hot She thought. The Californian climate was killing her. 

Suddenly, the sky flashed red. then bule again. 

Audrey blinked. Was that my imagination? she rubbed her eyes. 

The day where reality and fantasy mix up is coming. to be cont.

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