More creative writing on my part. This conversation actually did take place... though the moon didn't really talk back... but I got what she was trying to say.

------------------------------------------------------- ----

Last night I spoke to the moon
Face to softly glowing face.
I told her of  the dreams I had
During my unconsciousness' embrace.

I told her that in these dreams I had
That I held the power to fly
What wonderful dreams! the moon exclaimed.
But that is not so, said I.

For in the dreams I scarcely could
Hover few feet off the floor
And try as I could to touch the skies
Higher I could go no more.

Silence befell then, upon her and I
and melancholy hung deep in the air.
Then dear Lune broke silence and said,
My friend, do not despair.

Take heed of the words I say, said she,
One day you'll surely touch the sky.
And perhaps one day, one fateful day,
To me, my friend, you'll come and fly.

Topics: poem, poetry, moon
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