My eyes don't work too good, but I am very thankful for a computer that has text that can be enlarged!

I write books...lots of books!  I started out writing romance novels when I was 14 years old, many, many moons ago.  Now, I'm venturing into writing children's books, for preschoolers.

Everyone knows preschoolers need pictures.  Well, I am not in any way the kind that can draw even a stick figure!  So, I need help.

If anyone is able to draw simple, but nice, drawings of people and things, and wouldn't mind taking a cut in royalties rather than being paid outright, I'd like to talk with you!

Get in touch with me @ [email protected] with the subject: drawing.

I have romance books published, and would like to get my children's books published.

On another note:

I want to help others realize a dream, whether or not they know they have one!  I edit books, and will help you get published!  I have helped 2 women get their books published, only 1 trusted me to edit.  So... if you write, or know someone who does, talk to me!

I would also like to help children get their works in print.  I think it's important that children see what they can do, because it may become a career for them!

I do not charge, but don't turn down donations! 

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