Smile hiyas!

Just so u guys know i am just REALLY bored right now so i decided to write this :/

introduction.There once was a boy named haaary destined to be star.His parents were killed by vooooldemort who gave him a lightning staarr.

                                       yo harry,ur a wizard

1.harry goes to hogwarts, he meets ron and hermione, micgonnagal requires he play for gryffindoor,Draco is a daddy's boy, quirrel becomes unemployed, the sorcerer's stone is destroyed by dumbledore

2.Ron breaks his wand,now Ginny's gone and Harry's in mortal dan-ger. Tom riddle hides his snake inside his ginormous secret cham-ber.

3.Harry blows up aunt marge,the dememtors' come and take charge,lupin is a wolf, the rat's a man and now the prisoner is at large,They use time travel so they can save the prisoner of AZKABAN who just so happens to be harry's godfather, i don't really get it either.

4.Harryy gets put in the tri-wizard tournament with dragons and mermaids OH-NO! Edward cullen gets slayed, he's back!

5.Harry-Harry, it's getting scary.Voldemort's back and you're revolutionary, harry.Dumbledore,Dumbledore. Why is he ignoring your CONSTANT ATTEMPTS TO CONTACT HIM!?He is forced to leave the school, umbridge arrives, Draco's a tool.Kids break into the ministry, sirius black is dead as can beee, OOOOOHHHHH!

6.Split your soul, seven parts of a whole, they're horuxes. It's Dumbledore's EEEENNNNDDDDD!

7.(part 1 and 2)There once was a boy named harry who constantly conquered death.But in one final duel between good and bad, he may take his final breath...

                                              love that song. :p

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