The Grudge - MLP
This is based off of the horror film "The Grudge". I read the wiki about the movie and than realized maybe i can pony-fie it.NO THIS MLP STORY IS NOT IN JAPAN! XD Its going to be the ponies from the real show, and im going to try to make it horror filled lol.
Epilogue ~
The dark dead trees surrounded the entire town of Ponyville as the wind blew.Nothing went on.No ponies roamed.They all stood inside their safe homes, playing games and having parties.The fall fever spred, and it kept the ponies inside.The outside was dreadful.No animals roamed.It was just time for them to sit inside.
But deep before the Everfree forest, next to Fluttershy's home, was a little prairie with a small house.It was a small building with a teared up roof and old walls.The stairs creeked up.No one went into that building for years.It was abandon.But why?The place had a bueitful scenery, and the trees gave it wonders of air.A Creek just beside the building flowed.Its water's we're sparkling in the sunlight.But the building was empty.No Nature dared getting close.The trees we're all dead.The Water was all grey.The prairie was flat and tan.The door was destroyed.Some ponies we're rumored to have bravely gotten close to the remains, but never came in return.
There was once a story of three ponies in that building.A Mother, A Father, and a Son filly.The ponies that lived there lived happily and the house was sparkling clean and healthy. But one dreadful day, the Mother pony, kept hidden secrets inside a secret diary that she kept inside her drawers from her family.Finally her husbind pony found it.He found a terrible reveal, and than went mentally insane.He snapped the neck of the mother pony and than killed the son, and than later hung himself.Ever since than, the home has been rumored to have the ghosts of that family in that house, and whoever dared to enter that cottage would die.
As the legend lives on, the ponies of Ponyville thought the legend was just a fake Mare's Tale.A Gang of bully ponies after school forced a young little pony to enter the abandoned building.The young pony hoped to be part of them.To be finally cool.Finally respected.He bravely galloped into the house.The bullies than left, laughing a job well done.More days past and the young pony never came back. The coller ponies became suspicous  as to where the young pony had gone.But than as a few days passed, it was finally revieled that he was murdered.Than after that terrible discovery, the bully ponies never gotten close to the house again.
Everypony dies.Everypony ends in the same way.As good as dead.Ponies died by age, others died by suicide.By Murder, by assault, by bad mistakes.But some things take big results.Choas and Horror lurk the lives of some ponies.Ponies that we're never herd when they called for help.Ignored.Bullied.Tortured.Murdered.The ponies that have suffered these had seeked revenge after the Afterlife claimed them.
....But appernetly, the Hooves family never herd of this legacy of Death, Horror, and Udder Choas.
Chapter 1 ~
"Where are we going?Is it a suprise?" Derpy Hooves asked from behind the moving carrage."Yes.I'm so happy!Our old home was getting trashed by Lyra anyway.Maybe once we move here she wont find us" Raindrops joked.Derpy Hooves was a young fun-loving pony.Her eyes we're facing two diffrent directions.Almost like watching an ant craw on the green grass and watching the sky blooming at the same time.Her wings fluttered in Excitement.Raindrops was the same.She was older and was best friends with the Derpy pony.She let her stay with them after Derpy's home got smashed by a manticore.Their was also little Dinky Hooves.She was a small filly and young relative of Derpy."I can't wait!" Dinky Hooves said as she jumped."The other house we lived in was all smelly.It smellt like Horse!". Everypony laughed."Whoa, the view is getting darker" Dinky than noted."Its okay.Its just the trees.There are ALOT of trees that cover the house.The sun barely hits the windows.The only thing we need to worry about right now is what kind of design we are going to Decorate your room in!" Raindrops responded to the little Filly."Um Derpy.Im nervoud about the house.Is it going to be a nice house?" Dinky worried."Oh of corse it iz" Derpy answered."I juzt hope there will be muffins there!" More trees barriered the path.The ponies kept traveling the small darkened road.It became into a dark tree covere burrow as deep as it got.The landscape was sure surprising.Derpy enjoyed watching the grass get blown by the wind blasting through the sky, and the trees driven back by the force of air.
Finally, the darkest part of the forest came to a stop before it can get any darker.The family stopped in their carrage to see there new home, at the corner of the Everfree Forest.The family smiled and took steps out of the vehicle."Wow.Its so beutiful!"Dinky dreamed.The wondering of the blue-maned Pegasus looked at the Filly."This place doesn't look buetiful.It looks like it's been covered in friekan' tree sap for the last 5 years" Raindrops added.Derpy didn't care of what the building was appeared to be.She was too excited if the owners had left Muffins for her.Her obsession with muffins shown the rest of the ponies her craze."Letz take a luk in da house!" Derpy hollered."Oh Okay, Derpy.Why so excited though?I mean, its, its-" "Muffins!!!" Derpy interupted."Um, Okay than.Well, i guess lets go enter the house before dusk.Its getting pretty dark, and these trees don't make it any better" Raindrops finished her statement  and headed up to the dusty carpet of the front door.At seconds Dinky galloped around the house, jumping in joy.But by time passed by, the two big ponies inside the house called her "Dinky?When are you coming in?"."Its too bueitful outside!Maybe when it gets really dark!" she shouted towards the house's open quarters.
~Chapter 2
The two big Ponies, Raindrops and Derpy Hooves roamed around the building, Spectating the wonders of the walls and floors.Derpy kept checking for muffins, but no luck."Oh Horse apples!" she whined, "No muffins for me!".
"Derpy, your so random" Raindrops discussed.By time it was beutfiul until Derpy decided a random idea."Lets buy muffins!" she shouted."Derpy, your muffin obbsessions is kinda' comin' over board a little" she pointed out."Nuttin' wrong wit muffins!They are awesome!Lets go buy some!"
"Derpy, we still have to pack the furniture down!" Raindrops interruppted annoyed."Oh Come on.Pwease???" she whined."Derpy i can-" Derpy jumped in once again"Pwwweee--"
"No Derpy i can't-"
"For the last time!"
"Yay!" Derpy cheered.
"But what about Dinky?" Raindrops Reminded.The two ponies wondered."Lets bring her wit us if she wants ta' go" Derpy said.
They left.Dinky, Derpy, and Raindrops left the house.Everything left out.
Fluttershy, noticing the new house members next door, galloped over the old building."I can't wait to meet my new neighbors!"the yellow pegasus thought.She always wanted new neighbors.It was fun to be friends with some more ponies.Fluttershy contnued her walk over.She wanted to meet the new friends she would hear every day.By time, the pegasus came to the door.She knocked by her hoof, one two three."Hello?" she questioned at the door.She didn't notice no one was home."Hello?" and knocked again.Fluttershy than turned around "Hm, maybe they aren't home" she thought, and than started her way.But as soon as she took her step she herd a faint moan, almost like of somepony crying. The moan got louder the more she took a step forward."Hello?" she fearfully asked. the moan came louder in the pony's ears."Please, Stop!" Fluttershy warned."I just want to meet you."

Than, with a fearing shock, she felt a terrible force grab her jaw, and she was being dragged by her jaw into the house.She was screaming in pain as the force killed her mouth.She noticed it was nothing that was pulling her.She cried and paniced.The door than slammed open.The force dragged her in and pushed her to the corner.Than the force stopped.
Fluttershy was in unbearable pain.Her jaw felt like it was being pulled apart as it felt unattaching.Suddenly Fluttershy's eyes shocked wide open, and she tried to get up and keep running.But than before she got up a force pushed her back down and started pulling on her bottom jaw again.She screamed in pain continuesly.The pain got worse and worse.Blood started to shed and flesh became visible.Than, SNAP!
She became jawless.
~Chapter 3
"Okay we're home!!" Dinky cheered.The ponies came through the door in happiness.Derpy got her Muffins, like she hoped.Not a bad price for a pair of Muffins."Hey, why is the floor wet?" Raindrops wondered.The lights we're off and it was dusk, no one could see the red spill of Fluttershy's remains."Ugh, well no big deal.I'll clean it up once the lights get fixed.The only light working is in the bedroom upstairs.How about you just go set up the bed in that room and everything." Raindrops insured."Okaie Dokie!" Said Derpy.Derpy than stomped her little hooves up the crooked stairs.
"Would you like some tea too?" Dinky played.She was inside her room at a tea table.She was talking to something mysterious."Oh, nothing is wrong with them.They are infact very nice to me" Dinky pointed out.What was she talking about?
Raindrops than walked up to the fillies door.She had herd the small pony talking and wondered why."Um, Dinky?" she questioned through the closed door."Yes?" Dinky answered.The Big pony than opened the door nhalfway to find there was no other pony with Dinky."Who we're you talking to?" she asked.Dinky than got up from the table and looked into Raindrops's eyes."I was talking to my friend" she answered.Raindrops was utterly confused."My friend.She was sitting with me and we we're talking" she came to respond.Raindrops's eyes dropped wide."Um, Dinky.No pony came to enter the house" Raindrops added, "I think you should go to bed.Its very late after all".
"Awww, but i wanna talk to my friend some more" Dinky whined.The older pony was getting spooked."Just go to sleep Dinky.You'll meet your friend tommorrow"."Okay Raindrops!" Dinky shouted.And off to bed she went.She turned off the little lamp by the side and hopped into the little flat confortable bed.
"Oooooh da bed looks so Puffy!" Derpy announced, setting up the last of the bed in her room.It looked normal and fine.The room was big and spacefilling.The walls we're however old, and some paint and decor shed.Derpy had done a job well done.She became proud of her skill.She felt proud to have derped pupils."Hm, Maybe dere are more decorationz in da closet!" she figured.Than, in her usual derpy way, she hoped over to the doors of the small storage.Than, by a slow pull she opened the door.Her eyes than shot wide open like balloons getting filled with helium by a balloon blower."Oh....My.....God..." she screamed and cried and begged that it wasn't real.Two, terribly rotten dead pony bodies cornered in the closet.Their bodies terribly damaged.The one body had a giant slash around its neck.Derpy screamed in fear and ran downstairs, now scared for her life.
"RAINDROPS!RAINDROPS!" Derpy screamed and cried.Tears rolled down her eyes like a waterfall."THERE ARE DEAD BODIES IN THIS HOUSE!".Raindrops herd the sound of fear.Derpy screamed and ran, closing her eyes, causing her to fall a few times off the stairs."Whats wrong Derpy?" she asked."The...The BEDROOM ITS GOT DEAD BODIES IN DA CLOSET!" She cried."Dead Bodies?Closet?Are you kidding me?Your not fooling me Derpy.Not this time" Raindrops responded.Derpy kept running around in circles screaming in terror .
"Okay Calm down Derpy!" Raindrops shouted from the top of her lungs.At that moment Derpy stopped, but kept screaming until Raindrops yelled once again."Okay, Tell me the whole story!" Raindrops ordered.By than, Derpy's heart raced, and than tried to explain as best as she could.
~Chapter 4
"Okay, so there are two dead bodies upstairs in that closet?" Raindrops questioned."Yep." Derpy responded."Well lets go check it out, and if there is a pair of bodies up there, Call the police immediatly".Than, they both galloped upstairs.Hall through hall until they found their room.It was totally clean.No damage, and nothing dirty.By than, Raindrops than opened the door to the closet opening and than sen that there we're no bodies.Her face of concern turn to a frown of anger."DERPY!" She yelled."I was busy doing something are u send  me a joke!?I told u about this!" but as Raindrops angerly exploded, Derpy looked up, and her mouth starting speeching screams.Up to the wall behind Raindrops was the scariest thing imaginable."RAINDROPS!RUN!" Derpy yelled.She was so scared she started tearing up.Up the wall came down a pony.The same pony Derpy saw in the closet.Its started descending from the wall with its rotten skin and flesh hanging, and than slowely grabbed Raindrop's by the neck.She started choking and coughing.Derpy screamed again and tried to bite the dead pony away but the hooves of the monster felt nothing.Raindrops started losing air, And the ghost pony tried to ascent back up the wall with her haning in its arms.Derpy, now panicing, quickly bucked her rooves right in the ghost's face, and it dropped Raindrops.The innocent pony breathed in a fast hard type of breathing.Derpy screamed at the ghost to go away, but than made instead a scary moan "A-u-u-u-u-u-" and than dissapeared.
Raindrops was on the floor, gasping for air.The grey pegasus screamed as she noted the stright bloody cut leaking from Raindrops's neck.The blue pegasus sprang and felt the wound.She gasped in shock still grasping for air.Derpy stood still in shock."Call...The Police" Raindrops weakly commanded.As fast as it was noted, the grey pony ran towards the phone from dowstairs.She ran faster than Dash's try for the Sonic Rainboom.Derpy grabbed the phone panicing with her hooves shaking.She called and waited in tears.
The phone answered the summon, but no one had picked up.Derpy, now terrified, sat still with the phone in her hoof against her ear."Hello!?Please we need help!" Derpy cried through the phone.Derpy cried even more to the point where she overreacted to the phone being ignored.But as Derpy leaned to put the phone down, a scream had been heard from the upstairs.It sounded nearly ear-blowing.Derpy gasped and ran upstairs with a knife in mouth.The scream was familiar.It was...Dinky.
Derpy, now panicing to hear her own relative that shes loved and cared for for so long screaming in eternal death, ran with a knife i her mouth with the look of death,Her sadness turned to anger."Leave Dinky alone u son of a b***!" She screamed with the knife hanging through the side.The angry pegasus stopped to Dinky's room.Nopony was there.
Derpy than checked Raindrops' room.Derpy didn't see anypony but Raindrops, who is uncauncious on the floor.Derpy was going through the worst day of the century.Derpy than once ran down to the phone again screaming.She grabbed the phone once more and without dropping the last number down, she saw the phone was unplugged.
Plugging the old phone back in the segment, Derpy pointed down the number's 9-1-1 to the screen.Her tears went through until it finally picked something up.Derpy was in full panic mode.
Her Phone turned black.
Derpy sat down with no answer and than rested.She was in so much panic that she had no strength left to handle and sat down.Than, Derpy started feeling weak.By time she started to lay down slower and slower until she saw this terrifying figure crawling slowely down the stair case.It was all black and filled with dead covering.It slowely stepped step-by-step hoof stomps down the stairs.It was something Derpy nhas never seen before.She tried to scream but had no streighnt to move.Almost like its been taking way her power.Than, Derpy blacked out.
Raindrops woke up from the uncauntious pass-out that she had occured in the last minutes ago.She didn't know what happened."O...Ow.What Happened?" the pegasus questioned."Oh my.It looks offly dark." and with that said, the pony flipped the switch.At an instant The pegasus noticed something hanging down from the ceiling and looked up.She gasped in horror as to the sight.Dinky Hooves was hanging by her neck with barbed wire connected to a fan.The fan was hanging also by a thread.Raindrops screamed in terror.Her screaming burned her lungs by its pitch."WHAT IS HAPPENING!?" she worried in eternal pain.Raindrops slowely started to back away when everything turned pitch dark.Raindrops looked everywhere for light but the only light we're the pure surrounding of Darkness.By seconds than a shadow figure appeared in the distance."FLUTTERSHY!Thank god your here!Something is going on!Dinky is dead and i have no idea where Derpy is and-" as Raindrops went to that point, the pegasus finally hit some shadow light to show true form."OH MY GOD!" Raindrops screamed.Fluttershy was sure trotting close to the pegasus, but blood rained from her face.Her entire face skinned to the skull, and her jaw erased from her head.Raindrops than started galloping away until she hit the corner of a wall and than the yellow demon pony dissappeared.Raindrops felt like an undead zombie.Stuck in a dark room for only a limited time to die.Raindrops continued backing up until she fell on a hard wooden solid.Than by that, she couldn't move.Her hooves felt like they we're strapped down by metal.As soon as she hit, something pushed and kept her hooves down.It was a dark shadow that black dripping liquid coming from the eyes.Raindrops was terrified and her soul was burning.Better that, she was burning.She looked up and a bright light came up to slave on her body and it strapped onto a metal table.The face that stuck the pegasus onto the table came into the light to be shown.It was Derpy, who was black eyed and dripping blood all over her face.She twisted her head through all directions and than smiled to reveal sharp death covered blood in black liquid leaking from the mouth.Derpy was possessed by the evil shadow that's been stalking all of them."What the!?Derpy!?What are you doing!!??" Raindrops cried.The grey pegasus didn't answer.Instead she aimed a boiling hot cooker light in front of Raindrop's entire body.By that, The blue pony screamed in terror as her body burned and turned black.At Last, she blacked out.
~Chapter 5
Raindrops woke up from the terrible "Nightmare" and woke up her eyes to the light that shined in her eyes.She screamed panicing but than she looked around.It wasn't the room of black.She was in a hospital bed with Nurse Redheart next to her."Its okay!Calm down.Your okay.You woke up from a nightmare".Raindrops saw that her body was burned but she was alive."Oh my god.Im burned.IT WASN'T A NIGHTMARE!" She cried."No, it was a nightmare.U we're hurt in your house by a small fire, but it's okay.We are getting you all fixed up".Raindrops took a sigh in relief.She felt like she was going to be okay."Maybe it was a nightmare".
"A-u-u-u-u-u-" Was herd in her ears.Her eyes shot wide like death had claimed them.She turned around to see the dark shadow behind her with a deathdefying look.Raindrops knew that she was going through a terrible curse.

The End~
A Deadly choice is yours to make.
A Wise desicion or a big mistake.
If the wrong desicion is yours to choose,
The foundations of your life will crumble within you...
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