these are the things that happen to me often and i really don't like

1: i get sat next to a bunch of idiots at lunch

2: when i have to sit by myself after lunch

3: when my brothers are watching videos and theyre all commenting FAKE!!!!

4: when the girls at school scream. IT HURTS MY SENSITIVE EARS!!!! am i the only that cares about ears?

5: when the neighbors come over and run around yelling

6: when i just want to sit and rest and mom goes "LILY COME DO BLAHBLAHBLAH!" annoying

7: when we run out of soda/ tea

8: when i get paired up for projects at school such as thursday when in art the kids messed up the entire paint tray and im always just there watching them mess up my grades

9: when my friends can't come over/ spend the night

10: sunday nights

11: When i let people borrow stuff and i never get it back or it comes back all messed up

12: When my cat scratches me and grandma hits it. (i don't like the hitting part, scratching is ok)

13: When I can't fall asleep

14: My little brothers friends

15: When good books end but sometimes if theres another I'll be happy

 this is how i feel when about half of these happen

 or this

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Ugh... I hate when #6 and #7 happens. -_-"
  • October 24, 2011
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