So last week (or was it two weeks ago?) I had a couple of crazy dreams.

In the first I dreamt I totally procrastinated all week on a project, and I was at school trying desperately to finish it, but I kept getting distracted and it was due in, like, the next half hour. I was freakin out man, freaking out. I almost literally woke up in cold sweat. xD

The next day I had another dream. I dreamt me and some other people went to this school having a Halloween party, and we had to search all the rooms or something. Periodically, skinned, dismembered body parts would crash through the ceiling to our feet, and I had the sense that something was coming for us.

Oddly, the second dream was the less terrifying one. Shows what kind of priorities I have. xD

Topics: nightmares, dreams, sleep
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