"Shh!" Aueuia Whispered, carefully tiptoeing toward the abandoned hallway. Maisy Stepped on the wood by mistake, instead of the red and black carpet that lined the floor. The wood made a loud Creek. "SHUT YOUR M_ FEET!" Aueuia  Hissed, turning towards Maisy. "S..sorry." Maisy trembled,staring at her feet. "we're almost there..." Aueuia told Maisy. "Lets go." They carefully got to the hall way with out a sound, then Aueuia stopped. Maisy and Aueuia sat down and leaned against the wall. "Okay, heres the thing. In that hallway, you cant be scared. Or you cant make a sound Okay? Who knows what will happen. Maybe ever grignys Will show up. He will kill us." Aueuia growled. "Oh..Oh kay." Maisy looked around. "Alright then." Aueuia said, then walked toward the hallway, without saying anything.

Thats just a random part! I really had fun writing the part "The hallway." Its really cool ill put it on here soon.

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