Okay,things have been tough lately ;_; but i guess i'm pushing through...but don't expect to much art until after christmas because i am SO FREAKING TIRED ANND BUSY you have no idea ;_; plus my computer is crap and going to a new school and meeting new people is hard but i think i got lucky and scoured two awesome buddies and my new school (its one of those awesome art school for people who love art/acting and stuff) But still THEN there is choir and tour coming up and we are going to Ohio for a week or two then a amusement park to sing THEN a pro baseball game to sing the national anthem Smile And junk with my family of like freaking 7 kids...i lose count lol (jk) and my dad is going to seminary (church collage) and my sister and brothers are going crazy with all of this...All in all i having a hard couple of months... *sigh* i guess i have to just keep pushing through until all this crap is over...But i do thank my friends on here for being great to me,and so i can talk to them! And ten my huge project that should start be being announced in Jan AND ITS EPIC!!!! 

Anyway i have been reading a couple of book and i think i'm going to recomend some for some people who don't know what to read!!!

1. Hunger Games: LOVELOVELOVE this book!!!  Its set in the futer when America has gone mad and there are split into 13 districts and one capitol of them all and district 13 HATED the way the capitol ruled thing so they rebelled and they paied for it and 13 got destroyed and to remind the other 12 districts of what the capitol can do the capitol picks a boy and girl between the ages of 12 and 18 to compete in a HUGE arena and the last person surviving wins! I think its kind of twisted but awesome! ( 3 book series)

2. The Maze Runner- I just cant explain this one lol BUT IT RULES kind of creepy thoughh :U

3.percy jackson- Its good! A lot of people have read them but look it up if you don't know!!

Thanks it for now!


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