Racheal is a 16 year old girl who like to dress to impress. She had curly brown hair, and always dresses like a celebirty. Racheal has been constantly supressed by another girl named Jessi, as know as Jessica.Jessi has been battling Racheal all year for the title of " Prom Queen" Jessi is the richest, snottiest, and bossiest of all the girls in North Star High, but everyone adores her. She's beautiful and has a flawless smile. They'll do ANYTHING to ruin eachother's chances of being prom queen.All i could think about is if something bad happened to Jessi before the prom. These cruel thoughts filled my mind.

Topics: short, paragraph, that, will, be, a, story
Cool, sounds like an interesting story! Sincerely, Jessica. xD
  • December 2, 2011
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cool even though i didn't read it so soz but i don't like reading paragraphs that look big but i do like reading but i  am rubbish at it
  • December 11, 2011
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