Personal Experience by Sally Simonson

This story that I'm going to tell is one that was told to me by my mother. This story is completely true, and even though I’ve heard it, written it, and told it to others, it still amazes me today.

Before my family had lived in the small little house that we lived in many years ago, there was a woman who had lived there. She had two daughters, and was a single mother. Tragically, one of her daughters, the youngest one, had died a couple days after she was born. But that was many years ago.

My parents’ first house as a married couple was in fact this woman’s house, but they didn’t know it yet. My mother still tells me today about what an absolutely caring and lovely natured woman she was, as they had met her one day while shopping for furniture. My mother became very close with her, and at one point the woman even had said how she would take care of my mother’s baby if she had ever needed help.

However, a couple of years before my parents had me, this woman sadly passed away inside her house, and put in her will that she wanted her house to go to my parents. My parents accepted the woman’s offer. They also respected the house dearly, all the way throughout living there. They never renovated or redecorated the house, as they wanted it to remind them of the woman who was so nice and helpful to them.

Now when I was about one and a half years old, my mother was home alone with me. As she was also heavily pregnant with my sister, she would constantly need to nap throughout the day. Every time she needed to sleep, she would place me in my crib for me to sleep also, and would always remember to check up on me to see if I was okay.

Every time she needed a nap and was home alone to look after me, this is what she would do. There was nothing really unusual about it at all.

That was until one day. She became very tired and needed a long nap. So as you would know, she would place me into my crib, for me to sleep also, and this is what she did. I remember her mentioning to me while telling me this story, that as she was carrying me into my room to put me in my crib, I spotted my eye on some playing blocks that were on a high shelf. However, she told me that I should sleep and that I didn’t need the playing blocks now, so she lay me down and placed me in my crib. My mother also told me that my crib was very tall, making it impossible for me to get out, as I was also a small baby.

So as my mother walked out the door, she got into her bed, and fell fast asleep. Because she was so tired, she had overslept, and had forgotten to check up on me. She told me that she had woken up almost two hours later than what she was supposed to, so she had rushed over into my room to see if I was okay.

She explained to me as she was walking from her room down the hallway, she told me that she remembers there being a strange musky smell coming from my room, which seemed somewhat comforting in a way.

When she entered my room, to her utter surprise, I was out of my crib, on the ground, playing with the blocks that I had my eye on earlier. She knew that there was only one possible explanation as to how I could have gotten out and been perfectly okay.

I hadn’t fallen out, as I was perfectly happy, and my crying would have woken her up anyway. And no one had been home to check up on me, as she would have heard the front or back door open.

The only explanation was that the spirit of the old woman who had lived there before my family had, had looked after me when my mother had forgotten. She had given me the thing that I had wanted (the blocks) and had realised that I wanted to get out of my crib, and had carried me or somehow placed me on the floor where I was safe and sound. The woman had kept her promise and had looked after me, even though she had died long before.

So there you go. That was my ghost story.

I don’t remember any of it, as I was just young, but as you can see, my mother remembers it so clearly. Even though I’m just 14 years old, and even though I hear all different types of ghost stories from my friends and in the media, this one has got to be the most amazing one I’ve ever heard; well for me anyway.

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