Anyone else excited for EXO's debut? Anyone? Nobody? Me than? Okay....I like how SM makes them show the members one by a ninja! 

   2012 is going to be a good year, why? Big Bang's comeback, YG's new girl group and boy groups, Sm's EXO, BAP's debut, 2ne1'a comback+American debut (dunno if the American one is true)...and most of all! Uhhh....iunnololol. 



   2012 isn't the end of the world. Just because the Mayans made it the end of the calender doesn't mean people aren't going to live with their regular lives. People suicide because of 2012 and some Holly wood budget creates tacky lame 2012 movies to get money. A 21 foot tidal wave isn't going to hit New York nor a giant earthquake in..uhhh...Singapore lolidk. 

   I believe that people who believe in 2012 going to an end are either dumb, orrrr gullible. There are no proof. NASA proved that 2012 didn't come to an end and lots of people thought that 2000 was the end of the world.That was when I was born. Still living? Yeso! 

   Do not be afraid and have fun! Even if there is proof that there is a "date" then...

I'll....uhhh.....Have the time of my life~~! :D

lol iunno

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