“When you feel alone, just look at the spaces between your fingers, remember that in those spaces you can see my fingers locked with yours forever.”


There are times when we experience something that is unexpected, whether we like it or not we must prepare ourselves to accept the reality…


Shane, a fourth year high school student promised herself,”I will never fall in love unless I finish my study.”She is a very studious person. During her free time, she stays in the library making some researches and reading books and magazine. Shane has a lot of friends because she is active and brilliant in the class. She wants to finish her study to help her family uplift their standard of living.


It’s the month of February.Everybody is excited for the most beautiful girl during the JS.My mom bought a simple but elegant gown,”cried Cheska.”Me too,”the other one said. Shane keeps silent because she’s not interested on what her friends are talking about. “How about you Shane? It seems you are not excited for the coming prom. I think Carlo will be excited to be your partner. He admired you since we are in 1st year, but you always ignore his presence.” Shane doesn’t want to disappoint her friends. That is why she keeps silent. It’s a night of the promenade. All Junior and senior girls are beautiful, wearing their elegant evening gowns. Shane together with her friends goes to the table where she cannot be easily noticed by everybody. Shane has no partner beacause Carlo did not attend the promenade because he needs to stay in the hospital. His mother suffered from serious illness. The second past of the program is the disco party where everybody enjoys. Shane is gettingbored until a young handsome man catches her attention. He is tall as compared to the gentleman in the campus, with fair complexion and athletic body. He walks towards the direction where Shane is staying.”Hi, May I have this dance with you?” the stranger asks. Shane becomes speechless and nervous. Her heart beats faster…and faster.” I’m Sorry to disappoint you but I don’t know how to dance, just please for another,” Shane replied, never notice that her hands giving to the man. The rock music immediately changed with the sweet music when they are on the dance floor. Shane wanted to go back on the table but her hands are on her partner’s shoulder.” It’s my pleasure to dance with the most beautiful girl I ever met. Shane felt blushing.”by the way, I'm Nigel Fernandez. May I know your name, please?” Shane still speechless, she wishes that the party is over. “Excuse me, I’m so tires. I want to take a rest. I want to go home”


A day after the party, cheska visited her friends to ask what happened but no words spoken shane. She doesn’t want to talk about the party because she wants to forget that handsome man in the party.


It’s a month of March. The most awaited moment of every graduating student. Everyone is happy and excited especially Shane and her family. Shane receives different awards not only for being the valedictorian but she was also given a scholarship. She emotionally delivers her thought-provoking valedictory address.


Two months later, the vacation is over. Classes started. Shane is excited for new school where she enrolled to pursue her degree in Business Management. Still, Shane studies very hard because she wants to finish her study. One day, while she is in the library, Shane is surprised when a familiar person catches her attention and makes her heart beats faster…and faster.She feels ashamed when their eyes meet. Shane never expects that she will meet again the man who always bothers her at night. She thought she’s only day dreaming but Nigel sits besides her. Shane is forced to leave the library to look for the place where she can take a deep breath. Shane hates herself because she felt nervous the second time they met. The days goes by, Nigel sends flowers and chocolates with card asking permission to court her. Shane ignores it and sends it back to him. She never let her promise to be broken only by the handsome Mr. Fernandez. But he did not stop courting the girl. Until the time came when Nigel successfully broke Shane’s promises and helped her realize how to love and be loved…Then she realized that there’s nothing wrong to fall in love while you are studying as long as you know how to handle it and make it as your inspiration because..Love is INEVITABLE.






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