7:00: Had a walk! My favorite thing!

9:00: Napped next to my master! My favorite thing!

9:30: Played fetch in the yard! My favorite thing!

11:00: Lunch time! My favorite thing!

11:45: Barked at door! My favorite thing!

12:15: Napped on my master's bed! My favorite thing!

5:45: Got petted by stranger! My favorite thing!

6:45: Had a walk! My favorite thing!

7:30: Went to bed on couch! My favorite thing!


Day 134 of my captivity:

My plan to escape has failed yet again. I must try harder to not be seen when attempting my methods. The captivators were distracted just long enough for me to plan my next scheme. They were throwing a ball for the putrid canine that I share my livings with.  He must be a government spy, for I am certain no one can contain that much stupidity or be that gullible. He will chase the ball like his life depends on it. The captivators have tried to make me participate in an activity as such, but I am just too intelligent and have rose above the urge to chase the mysterious red dot. The captivators have invited many idiotic humans over, saying things about a so-called "party".  I'm guessing the "party" is a meeting to discuss ideas of the moronic ways of each other.  The captivators have locked me away in my cell, saying things of "allergies". I must to use this to my advantage

Unitil next time



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  • January 16, 2012
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