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Age: died at 2 whitch was 2010..so...do da math >;3
Gender:-.- female
Rank Wanted:Alpha
Pack:hers (lightwater? i guess)
History she was born into a pack with her future mate,Bonjour. Then the alpha male lost his beloved Mate to a hunter.The others were lucky to exscape the brutal taking.Weeks pasted and Pumpkin(alpha male) couldnt bear the resemblance between Cherry(just named her now btw) and Paris so he asked her to be his mate,She not being one to refuse power acepted the thron. then for reasons unknown he attacked her and attepmted to :censored: her.Then A blue subordente,Bonjour leapt out and grabbed pumpkin by the throat ,due to an undying love for Paris. they fought for a while blah blahblah.then they split from the pack.The others secretly congratulated thier success.then they settled down , had pups then pumpkin came to reak his revenge he traveled alone not wanting rebilion and even with bonjour succeded to kill paris.
Personality: meh
Pups:to be named
Topics: fruf, Paris's, tale
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