Garr I'm not active on here anymore. I don't even know what I've been doing for the past few days *wonders if having amnesia*.

Ah nevermind, for the past few days I've been obsessed with this thing:

1844494-ao_oni_large.pngAO ONI <3

Watching continuous videos of this thing makes me not want to live anymore LOL. Jokes. I'm so obsessed with it, it's not even funny. I think it's cause of its butt- it captivates me. The game's about some genius(not) middle/high schoolers that go into a house that EVERYONE says is haunted or something. Then they get locked in and chased by THAT thing, so you have to... err... speed walk away. It's terrifyingly funny when he pops out of nowhere. Like, nowhere.

In retrospect I guess it isn't that scary if you take away the music... and him popping out of the randomest places at the most inconvenient times.

The weirdest thing about this game is how people tend to... uh... ship the main character with the oni. And even weirder is that I support that ship. I'm scared now.

Topics: bored, boredom
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