ello i am salena33 (fyi i only called it stuff because my sister wanted to go on the computer. so i told i was writing a blog which i wasn't) hey any of you who have little brothers or sisters ever wonder...i wonder what life would be if i were an only child... well i certainly have! and it was a wonderful wonder. i just wish it was real. 

hey i have another thing i want to ask. do any of you want to learn how to hand wistle well you can heres a link check it out!! its cool but i'm still learning to. its hard. :C !D


well i have uploaded new tutorials so check them out!

seriosly check them out cos i mad a bet to my sister that if i dont get 5 likes on any of my drawings or tutorials i will have to be her slave for a month. theres no help from my mom "you have to keep your deal honey you cant breck it"

my fav animals are all of them. i think its kinda of bad to choose wats your likes and your dislikes. cos say if you have a groupe of freinds and your bestest friend ranked who is his or hers number one friend and you were near the bottom. you wouldn't like it would you. 

ok now i sound like one of those tv programs i like to make fun off.

no matter see you next time. bye and maybe next time i might write a blog for a reason. cya!!T1297888509146bb66c0f6dc48f501a5b823c0f2

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