Hey, everyone. Long time no see. Anyway, here's my new extended gallery. I hope you'll like those pictures. Enjoy! :D

Here's a drawing I made of my OC, Aurora. I've redesigned her, and I think she looks better now. Smile Plus, I think this design would suit with her the most. She has blue eyes now. I hope you like her and her new design!

Contest entry for PandaOtaku on deviantART of her OC Nami. I love her design. I haven't seen pictures of her by other people yet, so I decided to draw her. Smile Plus, I think she looks really cute so I had to draw her. She has other OCs that are amazing too, though. If you're one of the deviantART members like me, click here for the contest:  Anyway, I hope you like it.

Contest entry for Mystic-Spectrum on deviantART of her OC Sorrow Spectrum from her story Connection Lost. I absoulutly love her design! So I had to join the contest. She reminds me of my OC Emily, since Emily is an M&M gijinka and that character kind of looks like one. She looks really amazing, though! And I love how she uses the paint brush as a weapon. Here's the link for the contest:  Hope you like it. ^^

This is supposed to be me in chibi style. This is for my new ID on deviantART. I haven't been updating my ID since like, 5 months. >_< So I wanted to make a new one. Hope you like it!

Art trade for Avatarfan2009 of Captain Maggots in anime style. In case you don't know who she is, she's works for the singer Emilie Autumn and dances. I was happy I get to draw her, since I love her design. Smile She's also pretty fun to draw. She loves it, and I hope you guys do the same too!

That's all for now. More art is coming soon, so stick around! Wink

Nami (C) PandaOtaku on deviantART

Sorrow Spectrum (C) Mystic-Spectrum on deviantART

Aurora and drawings (C) Me

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