this is my blog

its all about games

me (w00t) worked as gamer for 5 years and w00t has been admin of 2 of the best spanish games websites

thanks to my Boss Joaquin for letting me work in that great comunity

since this is an intro w00t ll just post this,its kinda basic but works

and no w00t doesnt cares about grammar much,dont expect to w00t put dots,comas or those ' things ok?

as intro image:
ladies and gentlemen...JURASIC WARS


its an real time strategy(RTS) game from 1995 and one of my favorites cuz w00t likes dinosaurs,and strategy games

since im using windows xp i need a DoS emulator,called DOSBoX

look at my bloody mad triceratops attacking those evil people from Tyranos tribe



click here to download it for free!(its abandonware so its a free game)
  • April 10, 2012
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You ll need this to play

How to use:1)download2)install3)download games and put them in a folder in C:\ disk(example C:\games)4)all games cme zipped so unzip them:right click on them and click extract here or extract to"game-name"folder.
NOTE:if the game has more than 8 letters in the name u should re...
  • April 10, 2012
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