yesterday was my birthday and didn't have a cake or anything, i just went to the mall with mom, and let me tell u, it was a great gift cuz i got a new silk wallet and i finished my collection of vocaloid figurines! but the best part, i get a birthday MONTH since i didn't get a real one yesterday, and i get a little bit of b-day everyday for the month until this weekend but after this weekend i think i still get some b-day.

oh, and some kids made a new song at my school, it goes like this-

happy birthday to me,

i'm 103

i still go to preschool,

and i want my mommy!

my mommy's at work,

she fired a jerk,

she hired a monkey,

to eat my homework!

oh, and one more question, at last-

my school has an optional science fair, and i'm thinking of entering. problem is, i dunno what to experement on! i was thinking i would set up a video cam and leave it on to see if poltergeists are real, but that has nothing to do with sience. what should i do? leave your thoughts in the comment boxes down below. *points at comment boxes*


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Quote:Originally posted by: foscor70ohhhhh!  thenthnx!
  • April 21, 2012
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