1. Corzy has made fun of me and my name saying its not real.

2. corzy called my name stupid.

3. Corzy is not nice. 

 <---- that is what i want to do because of him.

 I dont know why HE says that stuff about me but I may just try to kill myself because of him!

 So... No one will ever hear from me again. unless you go to my school, but Im never getting on This site Ever AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Topics: Ignore, Corzy, please., For, me.
Don't kill yourself Pie! Everyone loves you. Considering how you... well... are pie. i guess.  you need . forgive Corzy, or atleast ignore his messages. i guess... Im confused now. well. bye! SweetVampire is out! PEACE!
  • May 17, 2012
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