today is the may dance at our school. and it's not all that lovey dovey stuff where you ask a boy or girl out, no, we are in an elementary school. we just dance with a partner to some music in front of the school and parents. my uncle will be filming me dance our 4th grade dance, but i'm also helping out with the 5th grade dance. every grade has a theme. here are the list of all the grades and their dances.

kintergarten: chicken dance (very cute, they look like actual chicks)

first grade: mexican hat dance

second grade:summer-surf boardy, i dunno the name of the dance.

third grade:gotta-keep-reading-dance

fourth grade (the dance i'm doing): wells fargo wagon

fifth grade: (the dance i'm helping out with): maypole dance

wish me luck! I COMMAND IT!


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Quote:Originally posted by: Violin23hey Ninja,good luck!!!!
thanks! school's already over, and it all went well! i appreciate your good lucks! lol.-WELLS FARGO MOOVN' GROOVN' NINJA! lol
  • June 1, 2012
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