Hello...Everyone. I decided to leave DN. Yes, I'm still on ChickenSmoothie with the name of ~ S c o u r g e ~, but I've decided to leave DrawingNow. 

So much has changed about me, pretty much everything. The way I draw...What I like...What kind of music I like...etc. I'm not as amused as I was before, two years ago...

Nothing has changed about this site. People don't enforce the rules enough. Yes, this is a child friendly, or a kids site, but people at the age of 15 or 16 or 17 even, are still not...Mature enough. And, if we aren't alowed to swear, then why is everyone usually swearing on Live Chat...Messages...Groups...Comments...Profiles? Huh? And what's with the big whole nudity here? Same with the advertisments. NOTHING. Nothing I tell you. Has changed about this site in the past years. I'm starting to think there is no actual Administrators on. Well, the site creator hasn't been on since...Like 4 years? No wonder nothing has changed. 

Too many people are leaving, that have filled up 90% of my inbox. 5% is people who just spam me. Another 5% is people that hate me. 

Yes, SOME spammers get caught. SOME. Not all, some. Admins, or more Staff should be more active, or this site will go down the drain. Yes, a lot of Staff or whatever will write to you and say, Just wait we will update the site later, but it's later. We haven't got an site update in years. We're getting bored of socializing and just drawing. We need something new.

I'm leaving---For good. God, just ban this account for crying out loud. I don't care any more. People don't bother to like me. 

I'm sorry, but I had enough freaking patience. I've had a freaaking enough of this. 

Feel free to comment, but I'm never going to read it. Bye. 



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  • June 8, 2012
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