key: (you must read this or you won't understand anything)

Boys: richard,christan,jake,tyler

Girls:gaby,taylor(me) bree,charity

people who others exspect to get together:richard;gaby -christan;taylor-jake;bree -tyler;charity (they are really together)

 we only see eachother on wensdays and sundays

okay i can acualy excplan now. so me,gaby,bree,and charity are best friends right and we revlove our lives around these guys. bree and jake haven't dated yet, me and christan have ha.ppy- seriously, give up. and richard kinda have and charity and tyler are dateing. me and all the guys are like best friends exsept me and christan because we both still like eachother but we won't go out because he lied to me and i can't trust him. so we just friends not best friends. gabbys just friends with all the guys exspet (again) christan she just hates him. bree and charity are just friends with all the guys.  so yesterday for some reson only richard showed up and ha.ppy- seriously, give up. wasn't in the room when he showed up so natraly i went to hug him cuz you know we biffles. and when i was hugging him ha.ppy- seriously, give up. walked in the room and she like f=really likes him so that made her mad. when i tryed to break away frome the hug he pulled me back in cuz he knows i bothers me when he does tht. when he saw ha.ppy- seriously, give up. he instanly let go and they kinda stared eachother down for what seemed like forever then bree and these two other girls walked in (anna and isabell im  not to fond of them so ha.ppy- seriously, give up. whent off with them and me and bree and richard hung out for a while and then church stared and ha.ppy- seriously, give up. and the two girls sat up front bree sat by charity so i sat by richard and again this made ha.ppy- seriously, give up. mad. and afterwards we usally hang out but ha.ppy- seriously, give up. went and sat alone and we found it best to leave her alone. we went out side and we wentto cheveron to anoy the people who work there we ran around richard threw me in a bush u know fun times. but on the way home we droped richard off at his place the whent to the liqur store acrossed the street because gabys mom wanted too everyone but me and ha.ppy- seriously, give up. got out of the car to got walk around out side and ha.ppy- seriously, give up. starts yelling at me for hanging ou with richard to much when i knew she liked him and blah blah blah and then she told me she knew i liked him and i was like whoa no! no non no no ! not true cuz i cant like him i mean even if i wanted to i couldn't it just wasn't right he is like my homie i just no. never going to happen. or so i thought . on my way home it was quite silent so i strted pondering the question 'why did i enjoy hanging out with richard so much?' this one supried me soo much because i had never liked hangin out with some one so much. i didn' even like hanging out with christan when we where dating this much. i just felt so confrtable around richard. so maby i do. also earlyer in the car on our way to his house he was going to tell me something but their were to manny people in the car so he was going to write it down and give it to me on sunday. and when ha.ppy- seriously, give up. said she wanted me to tell her what hhe said (note this is after he left) and i told her that i wouldn't cuz richard told me not to tell anyone and i said hat i wouldn't because richard means to much to me to have him loose trust in me and she again got mad at me and so now shes not talking to me. any ways thanks for reading the whole thing i needed to tell this to someone so i  told the interwebs. i might post some more later. sorry if this was too long and boring

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