sometimes i don't understand why people write blogs. why would you want everyone to know your business? but sometimes it does help. anyway, my life has been even more stressful. this past week has been so hard for me. alot of chaos has been happening at my house. i rather not go into details, but i just feel so lost in this world. i feel so annoyed. i feel so ashamed. i feel so depressed. i feel so mad, i feel so so... i can't explain it. i just feel overwhelmed. even my friends can tell that i'm different.
  even though there has been so much going on at home, i've felt a whole lot better knowing that there is a company that will help me launch my clothing line. i'm pretty stoked about that i guess.i just need to design some more designs so i can put them in my merchandise. i make pillows,furntiture,clothes,all sorts of stuff. it's a great way to make money. there's this guy that i really like/look up to named, alex evans. total hottie!!! but anyway, he has a clothing line on there called heartbreaker. its so awesome, because his stuff is so simple, yet different. he's really talented and the cool thing about it is that he launched his clothing line when he was 16. now he's 17 andn he's in college. he's so smart, he inspires me to launch mine too. if he can, then i can. i went to his website and looked at his portfolio. he's an amazing photographer.way better than me. but i'll get better soon, i mean i am pretty good.
   i haven't been able to pay any attention to my art and designs because we're having really important test thingies at school. i've been studying and i've been trying to work on my spanish because i'm flunking spanish. i'm also flunking math. so i have alot of work to do, plus chores.
   i hope that everyhting will get better for me. i hope that my clothing line will help me make some money. if not, then all of my hardwork will be for nothing. well, i have to go, so uh... bye whoever's reading this.
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