Hi guys,some may wonder why i like Zorua? Well'p here's the Story of my "Native" Pokemon:

When i was 9 (i think) i liked the pokemon the hole time,when Game Freak  launched his new game:Black and White.When i Wanted to get it,i realise that i don't have a Ds or a 3DS to play it and my game store where not for sale yet,So i have download a DS emulator and the game's rom,I was so happy from the new game.But when i realise that were an event named "Celebi of Giovanni and Zorua",I went Right away for a Celebi code and i put it in the "ActionReplay DS" Thingy and i went in the grass and there it is.I caught it and go to Castelia City i talked to a kid in the Game Freak tower aaaaanddd...THERE IS ZORUAAA!!i was sooo excited when i see him a caught it and i named "Darkness",beacuse is was a dark type.I use him in all the  Pokemon battles,when it evolved in Zoroark,it looked more epic than before and i beated the Elite Four and beated Alder...

A good Story,isn't it? yes i know that Zoroark is epic for me but,someone of you guys doesn't like him,i know it...Well,if you enjoy this Blog,COMMENT OR DIE!!(Just kidding!!)

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lol IKR to bad I got the game late and didn't get the events D: Well I still got the game ^-^ and BLACK AND WHITE TWO!!! OMG!!! *O* It's complicated and fun at the same time :D!!! Can't wait till it comes out! And ZORUA is awesome!
  • August 10, 2012
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