It all lays heavy on my soul

my past,my pain,my sorrow,my hunger

slowly,every one takes its toll.

As they say you mess with the bull

You get the horns,oh those horns.

They could put you in theĀ  Hospital.

For I ,and only I,feel this everyday thing,

the thing for which, many have felt,

and this thing that has killed many.(this thing we call pain)

yes,I dance in the pouring rain,

but every time i dance alone.

Yet through it all I remain sane

For each friend ,I picked a rose.

afterwards I always had its thorn.

"why me god?.."only He knows

This empty void will it ever close?

This hole left by my friends?

Through my veins my blood flows!

So I am able to continue on!

I will no be left out in the dust!

No one may feast upon my carrion!

for I am strong even with

my wretched life

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      "[LycanTheWolf] 6:56 pm: It has rhyme, meaning, and a story. It even signafies
the good and bad side of something beautiful, kinda like Yin & Yang
     [fruf] 6:57 pm: <3"
  • July 4, 2012
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wow nice.thats really good and like the other comment it does resemble yin and yang
  • July 4, 2012
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