Summer vacation so far has actually been pretty fun. The first week I went back to school a whole lot though.

I brought a friend over to hang out, and we just chilled and watched the Lion King in the living room. My mom came out from the bedroom and chatted with my friend for a while then said to her, "Thank you for being her friend." I was like, "My mom thinks I have no friends." (-____-") Cause in highschool, until this year, I held myself back from other people because I had some insecurity issues, and I had the one best friend who stuck by me. But even then I still had a couple of friend-ish people.

Speaking of said best friend, I held a messed-up surprise party for her at our local park, with another friend's help. I really suck at planning stuff ;___; My sister and I bought a cake, and eventually, when it came time to eat it, I hadn't brought a knife to cut it into pieces. So we ended up just digging into it with our spoons. xD At the end of the day we all smelled like dog, cause of my bestie's and another friend's dogs.

I also went to an amusement park, went to the park, volunteered for a teacher's luncheon then watched Promitheus, visited my grandpa at the hospital, ate at restaurants, did online summer school homework, and went to the library.

Tomorrow I'm playing video games at a friend's place, and on Saturday I'm going to this Mini Comic Convention with a small group of people. Later in the summer I'm hoping to go berry picking, tandem biking, and watching more movies at the theatre (Batman!)

This is a long update on my life. o.0 I'd be amazed if you read all of it.

Topics: summer, vacation
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