A couple days ago my dad found a small kitten in the bushes near the apartment we live at. he brought it inside and fed it a bit after going to a couple houses and asking if the cat was theirs. Now we are trying to find it's owner and everything... Um, if you have a friend who has lost a little kitten or if you are the person who lost this kitten please tell me! here, i'll give you the description:

the kitten looks to be about 6 moons old. he/she is mostly white with a few black and pale brown patches. One of the patches covers half of it's face and th tail is black with a few pale browns specks. he/she has a really high pitched meow that almost sounds like a balloon (you know when you pull the little tail on the balloon it makes that really high pitched squeaky noise that you can annoy people with). She's a little agressive towards bigger cats and likes to sleep on people's heads and climb up their clothes when they are standing.

*End Description*

Topics: Lost, calico, kitten
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