Hate summer, need soothed feet now? well, it only takes 2, that's right, 2 Simple steps!

first, what ya wanna do is take ur sandals, tennis shoes, or flip flops, (it's better to use flip flops in this kind of situation) and wash them off in the tub or ur bathroom sink. (u don't want ur dirty flip flops dirtying and stinkin up ur freezer) so u should wash them with ur loofa.

second, after u have washed them in ur bathroom sink, stick them in ur freezer for 2 minutes. the longer they're in there, the better. but watch out! if u leave them in too long, the coldness could get stronger and stronger, and it might run up ur legs and soon, toward the neck area.


it is important to wash ur flip flops in the BATHROOM sink, for in the kitchen sink you put lots of stuff you EAT out of in there, and if u wash ur shoes in the kitchen sink, then, well u know. if u wash them in the BATHROOM sink, that's a big difference. we don't usually put many things in the bathroom sink, so, it's best if you wash them in the bathroom.

Hope this was helpful. Wink other tips coming soon.


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