i don't understand.

I've been posting blogs like CRAZY!!!!

nobody wants 2 talk 2 me now?

i go on drawingnow HOPING that i have mail waiting 4 me, but i don't. iz everybody dead? are their fingers tired-or broken? if nobody wants 2 talk 2 me, SAY SOMETHING! just 1 thing!


Topics: do, i, offend?
No I don't believe it was anything you said or did. This site has simply changed. Before this was never an issue and a lot of people was active on this site. There were a lot more drawings and tutorials drawn. Drawings and tutorials would get more views and rates. There were more people uploading ac...
  • July 19, 2012
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You have done nothing. I have the same things happening. The whole site has changed. Nobody uses it. Really I only have one " active " friend here, but I talk to her on DeviantART too. But people that I used to talk to a lot on DA are not there much anymore. So I feel bored both here, and there. You...
  • July 20, 2012
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