thank u all for all the wonderful comments!

i was THRILLED to find 7 NEW COMMENT ALERTS IN MY INBOX! AM I THE LUCKIEST NINJA IN THE WORLD OR WHAT?  thank u all 4 helping me feel bettr. :3

but ya know, this site HAS changed. like my friends said to me. not many people log on anymoar or check 4 new blogz, to comment, rate, or favourite/subscribe. to ANYBODY.

but y'know, websites come and go, just like people. they get OLD. i dont even know HOW old this site IZ! maybe it was created in 2007, i dunno. but we all know that friends, are once in a lifetime.


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It was orginally created in 2004 but didn't look anything like a drawing website . Here's a link where you can see drawingnow in the making. Click the littel blue dots to see all the many screen shots of drawingnow years ago ^__^*/ 
  • July 23, 2012
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Quote:Originally posted by: Violin23Nice said Ninja:3 thank u 
  • July 24, 2012
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