Did I just found Happiness?

Did I just found the right Love that can be with me for Life?

Will my Love care for me forever 'till I aged?

My Love is special to me, My Dar'.

My Darling is so precious to me as a Treasure in a Hidden Secret Cave.

I think about my Darling everyday, I pray for my Lil' Angel to be Safe and


I would send my Darling my Eternal Roses as a reminder that I am My Darling's

Forever Beloved.

I would take my Darling to Places that are Unique and Strange but Beautiful that

no one can't see but Me and My Love.

I would protect My Darling in any cost, through Battles and Wars or Bloodbaths.

I WILL protect my Darling as if My Darling was the only one I ever had.

If My Darling has trouble sleeping, I would comfort My Darling and Sing to My

Dar' a Smoothing Tune.

I hope that Me and my Love will be Together no matter if we fight or be mad at

each other for some reason. But we'll forget those days and forgive each other

and say, "I Love you so much, no matter what happens."

I would go on FOREVER with this Lil Poem, but I want to say, if my Darling is

 reading this, I hope that you know I care, love, and think about you so much!

Your my One Babe x3


- Loves from The Precious Pearl <3 x3

SHALOM!!!!!!!!! o3o

Topics: My, Dear, Darling, Love, Beloved, Heart
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