Hi! I'm just explaing a bit of 'Wolves of the Beyond' by Kathren Lasky.

Faolan is a maldach wolf pup. {Maldach- A pup haveing a deformity,no tail, twisted paw/leg, no paw/leg.} He has a Twisted paw, with a very light print on the pad, witch is a spiral. Morag, his Mother, went By-Lang {By-lang- 'far away' and pregnate she-wolves beliving they will birth maldach pup} But the obea { Obvea- wolf of the clan that takes away maldach pups} takes him to a tummafra {Tummafra- A place where a Maldach pups are left to die.}. There, when a grizzly seeks death, the pup seeks life. Thunderheart takes care of him, and name hi Faolan, witch means; Fao- Wolf, River Lan- Gift. Thunderheart belives that the spirits gave her this 'Gift of the Wolf River' {or sumthin like that} I don't want to spoil it, so I'm not giving out any more info!

Read all the books:

1. Lone wolf
2. Shadow wolf
3.Watch Wolf
4.Frost Wolf
5. Spirit wolf

Kathrin is aming for six, but the sires MIGHT just end with eight! The last book will possibly be 'Star Wolf'thumbup1cloverclap
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