Hello, everyone! I have finally taken Chapter 1 of Cold Slayer, my new series, out of editing and I finally have finished it! Now for the moment you've all (that are interested in) been waiting for... Cold Slayer!
Book 1: Chapter 1: Slayer's Tavern

Jump...swing...and kick! Phineas thought frantically as he flew through the air with ease. A loud pop was heard as Phineas landed on the ground. He took a quick bow with a big smile and placed his sword in its sheath. "Excellent, Phineas! Great job destroying that 13 meter dragon model today! Your best time yet! But please work on your swing and kick. What if you come across a real dragon and you get killed because your attack wasn't at its best?" Phineas' trainer exclaimed.
Phineas Flynn, a beginner dragon slayer, was at his usual training for the day. Jumping and kicking wasn't really his strong suit.
"Well, gee, I didn't think of that. Don't worry, Master Jai. I'll practice that as much as possible! Thank you!" Phineas said with a little bit of a "teacher's pet" voice. "Goodbye!"
"That's what I want to hear. Goodbye, my child!"
Phineas' mind suddenly wandered off into another world as he walked out of the dragon slayer trainer's sanctuary. He thought of what it would be like to actually slay a real dragon instead of popping those rather large models at the sanctuary. He had to find and slay that dragon out there that was calling his name. Right then, a brilliant question popped into his head.
“Master, is there such thing as an ice breathing dragon?”
“Interesting question, my boy. There was once an ice breathing dragon that existed a very, very long time ago. A man found and fought the dragon, but sadly couldn’t live to tell the story.” Master Chi explained thoroughly.
Phineas was surprised. He didn’t think he would actually receive a “yes” from that question.
As the young warrior walked off to Slayer’s Tavern, he thought of what an ice breathing dragon would look like. Maybe one with a spiky tail or with large teeth or a-
“Excuse me, young man! Care to pick your poison?”
Phineas jumped. Then he realized that it was just the bartender.
“Oh! Sorry about that. I was just staring off into space. It’s my usual state.” Phineas apologized.
“That’s okay. I was just wondering if you were all right. But anyway, pick your poison.”
“Right. I’ll just have some ginger peach tea. Hey. I don’t really recognize you. You’re not the usual bartender.” Phineas said.
“Very sorry if I didn’t introduce myself. The name’s Ferb Fletcher. I’m the new part-time bartender here. Just got the job yesterday!” Ferb said as he pumped a bottle of spearmint.
“Great work on getting the job! I could always use a new friend to talk to. Not everyone wants to be my friend. By the way, my name’s Phineas Flynn. I’m a beginner dragon slayer. Even though there are no dragons left in existence, I’m still learning the ancient art.” Phineas shrugged awkwardly and looked at the ground.
“Well, it never hurts to be prepared, you know. One pump or two?”
“One, please. I don’t like mine too sweet. I like your setup back there.” Phineas looked behind Ferb. He noticed the glass and silver beer mugs hanging on the back wall. “Huh. So, you blacksmith a lot?”
“Oh! Those? Yeah. I used to do blacksmithing with my father back in the UK. I would blacksmith so much; my hands seemed to be made of coal. Blacker than the new moon nights.” Ferb said as he poured a bubble formula into the beer mug and set the glass in front of Phineas. “There you go. That’ll be 15 tugrik*, please.”
“Sure. Not that it’s any of my business, but what got you into smithing?” Phineas curiously inquired.
“My great grandfather started the smithing industry. He spent all his time smithing the newest (at that time) models of swords there were. He also mastered in the ancient art of dragon slaying. When he was living here in Asia, he ran across the biggest dragon in history. He fought it continuously for 3 days. It took lots of work and lots of blood, but sadly, he was killed and the dragon was victorious. After he died, 10 years later, my grandfather opened Slayer’s Tavern, this frayed, old place in his memory. Since my father and grandfather were sad that my great grandfather had died, they continued on the smithing industry and have been teaching me since I was just 6 years old.”
Ferb looked up at Phineas. Phineas’ jaws were open as wide as they could go. Staring at Ferb in awe, he said, “I’m very impressed. My ancestors didn’t do anything good. I live with my adopted sister from America. She’s always doing drugs so every once in a while she’ll go insane on me. My mom speaks Chinese so I can barely ever understand her. I just live as a no good dragon slaying problem causer. I’m a failure.”
“Oh, now don’t think that! My ancestry was probably the smallest family in history.” Ferb said in sympathy for Phineas. Thinking back to his own childhood, he was envious of Phineas’ wide variety of culture.
“Well, thanks for the sympathy and the tea. It was good. Can I take an extra bag of blueberry muffins?” Phineas asked.
“No problem. Here you go. Good luck on your training and God bless you and your family.”
*tugrik: Mongolian currency
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