I am falling
Into the endless night
Of darkness.
Things rush by me as I fall,
A wilted flower,
A ruined child’s toy,
Still I fall forever

I am falling,
Not knowing where;
Or when;
Or why.
All I know is the darkness,
And the shadows.
Still I fall forever.

I am falling,
I open my hand,
Eyes straining in the black light,
My palm is streaked with blood.
I recoil, clench my fist hard,
With blood soaked fingers.
And still I fall forever.

I am falling,
My soul – like a caged bird,
But no bars to hold me,
No locks to keep me.
I must endure the pain,
Of eternal captivity.
And still, I fall forever..

Dying Soul

As I crouch here on the floor,
Tears streak my face as I cry,
I feel like I’ve been here before,
My heart is shattered, soon to die.

In the darkened room I shy,
Away from shadows on the wall,
Any word I speak becomes a lie,
Lies that pierce my very soul.

I whirl around to see myself,
Staring with huge and frightened eyes,
The wide-eyed girl, the frightened whelp,
The one who’s soon to break and die.

I cry out from the pain,
The pain from deep within my soul,
That I cannot seem to reign,
Soon it will take its toll.

My soul is torn and broken,
This I know as on the floor I lie,
That the Dark Lord now has spoken,
He has come for when I die.

Topics: dying, soul, falling
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