I just realized its been a long time since ive written a poem or something other than compainig about DN.it sucks u cant comment on blogs anymoree .-.
If this comes out weird sorry lol im sketchy right now i havent done it in a while...wel its not like my poems were any good before...

I see the winter to the summer
Frosty roofs and roads
The holidays a rush gone by
The dreary dead trees outside my window
Snow falls down and children play
There twinkiling eyes and flushed faces

Soon the Spring arrives
To burn the snow away
Bringing the re-birth of plants and color
Tiny buds and leaves sprout
Green grass pokes through mud
Sun shining gracefully
Birds are singing there melody

Summer crawls on by
School children relax
The flowers show there perfection
Trees offer shade
THe adventures and endless sleep
Beautiful time of the year
Beaches and rivers for a cool nice swim

School staarts gain
Signaling the return of cold
Leaves fall away
Plants wither and die
Still a fiesta with colored leaves
The last few weeks of warmth

On goes the cycle
Death and re-birth
Old and new
Sadness to happiness
Bleak to vibrant
Lovely seasons
Topics: seasons, poem
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