Now that I have returned, I see that all of my best friends that I used to talk to on this site are gone. I would like to give a strong Dedication to the Ones I have cared about here and the ones who have made me comfortable since my first day here on the website in 2010...

Moona -
I am not going to start how grateful and amazing you were, Moona. You were the funniest and most random user on this site, and now with you being gone and not responding any longer, that makes me very upset. There have been many changes to this site the last time that I had logged on here as InvaderZig (Which I strangely see is now somebody else on this site which I find very odd). I would just like to dedicated how amazing you are and that I will always remember you as a good friend here, gone or not.

Chii -
There is not another amazing person on this planet but you, Chii. I have never witness such a funny, talented, beautifully skilled, Artistic girl I have ever met. Myself being a girl, You were the very first actual female who I had ever crushed on when I was here on this site. You showed that you cared about me and my feelings and were the most understanding user here. You will always forever be in my heart, even if I DO already have a boyfriend right now or not. This site was the very first site where I ever got to meet you, and I will never forget the day I did. Thank you Chii, for making my life enjoyable.

BlacknYellow_78 -
You were just like we when you were on this site. You were very skilled at drawing and had an amazing personality, especially because of your mental health, ADHD, that made me understand why you were acting the way you were. Back then, when I was talking to you, I did not realize what "Mental Health" ment, until after I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. I know know the feeling of being different and being aware of it, and no matter how many times we fought in the past, you will always be my friend, even if at this opinion you do not think so. And if you are reading this right now... I want to say I apologize for fighting back at you. You made everything better when I had the chance to talk to you, and that I shall remember gratefully.

To all the others that I used to have here as friends who are reading this, I used to be the infamous "InvaderZig" who had always caused insanity on Live Chat.

If you do not remember me at all or do not know me, this is just to show that I was here once and I will always remember the friends that I had.

Thank you Drawingnow, for giving me such good pals and such amazing apportunities to show my art to others.
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