When things turn to Sadness,
A dark fade comes to play,
When your loves one leaves behind you,
A death claimed him of one day.

One you give great beauty in heart,
Now gone to eternity is ash,
Leaving you alone, and sing to the loved, they return from the past.

They appear to your dreams and days,
They love your hearts content,
But the thing that gives most matter Is the dead white heart's deep dent.

Of a day you choose your occasion,
To honor your giving a dead fiesta,
You choose a day that he remembers as can make him love it best of.

Beauty rise in the air that day,
The stars dearly give a white glow,
As you speak to the ones you care more then as,
A spark inside alarms a present show.

By the days that go forth,
The soul lives with your spirit,
And shallent leave you alone until the day of death's dearest.

Flowers go above to your heart,
The roses that he had saved in sets,
Same with the red and yellow owl,
And the box of packaged heart Chocolates.
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