Okay, guys. I know its been, like, a few months, but Cold Slayer Chapter 2 is finally out and ready to be released to the public! Through tons of editing and a little laziness (ha ha), it is finally done. Here we go. I present to my fans:
Cold Slayer: Chapter 2: Unexpected Insanity

Phineas entered his house where his Chinese mother and drug addict sister lived. As Phineas walked in through the door, he muttered, “God bless your soul, Candace.”
Candace… A snobby 16 year old girl that always dresses inappropriately and annoys Phineas to his wits’ end. It always seemed like Candace was leading a terrible life. Drugs were her only way of being a normal human. It was very surprising that she hadn't passed yet (partially because there was an abnormally large chance).
“Phineas, what are you doing home? I thought you were still at your class.” Phineas’ mother said in translation from Chinese.
“Class ended early, mom.” Phineas told her. The problem with Phineas’ mother was that she could understand English, but she couldn’t speak English. Phineas and Candace always had thought that was odd.
Phineas looked over and Candace was lying on the couch eating cookies one by one.
“That’s your excuse every time you come home from there.” Candace scoffed as she popped another cookie into her mouth. “I’m glad I don’t take those stupid classes. I’d be an idiot if I did.”
“You kind of are now.” Phineas tried to whisper those words as quiet as he could, but Candace apparently heard anyway.
“What did you just say? I’m an idiot anyway?” Candace stood up from her place on the couch and stared deeply into Phineas’ eyes and inched towards him.
Phineas fell silent and started walking backwards up the stairs in fear. Candace was entering one of her stages where she would go completely insane on Phineas and then forget about the whole situation 5 minutes later; however, Phineas didn’t think that was the routine right then. This was a real problem.
“That’s it. I think it’s time for you to spit out some more. Come on. Say some more, hypocrite.” Once Phineas and Candace were in Phineas’ room, Candace grasped an axe off of the wall and held it up. “Your bad word choice just got yourself into this. Oh, no! Here it comes!” Candace swung the axe as Phineas quickly unsheathed his sword and raised it up to block her attack.
“Candace! What are you getting yourself into?” Phineas yelled at Candace. With all of his strength, Phineas kept up his sword to Candace’s axe.
“Your doom is what, brother.” Candace quickly acquired an evil smile as she swung her axe the other way. Phineas blocked her attack once more.
“I want you to think of the good times we’ve had together! Remember, Candace!!! REMEMBER!!!” Phineas yelled at Candace; however, his shout did no good. Candace took her final slash when her hand trembled and dropped the axe. Taking a wrong decision, Phineas forced his sword forward ending up straight through Candace’s side. Candace’s eyes bulged in terror, took in a sudden strangled breath, and instantly fell to the floor. Phineas became devastated when he saw his dead sister lying on the ground motionless as her eyes started to take on a bright white color, crawling over her pupils. He dropped to the floor on his knees sobbing. For a split second, he had a thought of killing himself to save her soul. Phineas embraced Candace’s limp corpse in a hug and whispered in her ear, “All I wanted was for you to be happy.” If he didn’t say what he had said earlier, none of that tragedy would have ever happened. He looked up and realized really what he’d done. “I’ve got to run away. God only knows what Mom will say when she sees what had happened to Candace!” A tear fell as he started to look around his room in fear and in mortal terror. Leave.
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