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No violent, gory and harmful content
This includes posting, commenting, or publishing any content that could be considered violent, or encourage others to partake in violent or harmful behavior.

No hate speech, bullying, or harassment
Any content, posts or comments that could be considered any form of hate speech, bullying, and/or harassment is strictly prohibited.

No pornography or sexually explicit content
Pornographic, sexually explicit, and/or adult content of any kind is strictly prohibited.

No spamming, manipulation, impersonation, or account abuse
This includes, but is not limited to, creating fake accounts, creating more than one account per user, and/or posting large amounts of content or comments from one or multiple accounts.

No deceptive or fake content
To the best of the user’s knowledge, all content posted and/or published is truthful and factual. Any attempt to spread fake or deceptive information is strictly prohibited.

No personal or confidential information
Posting or publishing any personal or confidential information that jeopardizes the safety of private individuals is not allowed under any circumstance, with or without consent from others.

No illegal activities
Any illegal activity or content and/or activity or content that promotes or encourages illegal activity is strictly prohibited.

No copyright or trademark infringement
To the best of the user’s knowledge, all content posted and/or published adheres to any and all copyright or trademark that may apply and credit is given where credit is due.