i am new here and only as one thing that i made and i don't know what to draw


Well, let me start by saing, Welcome to Drawingnow! I think I speek for every one when I say I hope you enjoy your stay :D

Well getting to your topic, If you dont know what to draw, ask to do requests, Or just look for your insperation and go from there, There are times i cant draw and I go look for my insperation and It fills my head with ideas xD

Hope i helped somewhat. :D

Well welcome to drawingnow.com . Im quite new here aswell but I had loads of ideas of what to draw just think of what you have drawn in the past and think if it looked good. Sometimes I just imagine things and draw made up things.

Hope it helped!!!!!images?q=tbn:GDWpGnG6CdzISM:

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