Yo people I can't believe we don't have a single TDI thing here. So i started this one for all the fans (including me). And also if you want to join 

Hey I think that was a good idea. My fave character is totally Heather.

Yeah I joined the site its pretty awesome! I have to say my favorite character is Duncan. Has anyone heard of the second season TDA (Total drama Action)? I think its gonna be sweet. 

Hey PufferMonkey your site is great now! Everyone is here and we are almost done with the first challenge. are you going to replace some of those people that don't come on?

The show tries to be funny. It fails, not only that but the way the artist drew it makes the characters look hideously ugly and terminaly stupid.

okay person, if you hate it then don't reply or read the forum lol. Anyway Cuties__Emo, I made a new site so the people who don't come(you know the 3) don't take up extra spots. If you need the link it's .

Hey do u guys wanna try my totorial of Pucca from jetix??it would be soo

good if u can!!

I like Duncan the best.

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