Help! I'm bluepearlwaterwolf

i dont know what to draw!

just tell me what to make and I'll make a tutorial for it.

Thx (p.s. I like this smile)->

Oh! just post what you want and i'll get it do right away! thx


draw this >>  


(u don't have to draw the background )

Hello! Is there a software that you can recommend here to draw that? Or just barely use a hand on it?


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Well, I actually have lots of things, but I can't remember them all.


1. pencils

2. paint on pallet

3. gift

4. outfit

5. eye

6. princess

7. peace in gardens

8. countryside

9. Smily face

10. Winking face

11. Book

steps: HAVE FUN!!! I think thats all of them...


Sorry Miami I'm only a ten year old and you know i'm not that fantastic at anime as i am with wolves,dragon,cats,owls,and those other stuff

i want spage objects and mystery cats. can anyone draw something like that high risk merchant account.
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hey can you draw some animals with a little boy.
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